My name is David G.
See, I love being me.
My wife works all day.
Home, I get to stay.
I get to play.
I love being all day home.
I love being alone.
She, see, works all day, my wife.
I love this life.
I, see, watch TV.
I have my lunch meal.  Good, I feel.
Sometimes, I work too.
Yes, it's true.  I am not blue.  I enjoy what I do.
I work at different jobs two.
Our daughter is at school all day.
When she gets home, she loves to play.
I know, she is, to see her dad, glad.
I make her a snack.  Her favorite drink and a dish.  She gets her wish.
I ask her about school.  She says it was cool.
Sometimes, she will see a friend.  
She, see, says the good times never end.
When she gets it done, there will be fun.
My work works 9-5, she don't feel alive.
She likes our daughter's to be done.
We can all have fun.
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