I went to church.
It seemed interesting to see it in 
the middle of a day.  Saturday.
I spent a bit of time there.  I left.
I went to Whole Foods.  It was small.
I spilled a lot of cat food dry on the floor.
I needed to buy a container.
I went to the grocery store.
Again, interesting to see it on a Saturday.
I bought a magazine about a topic.
Give this boy some joy.
I came home.
Die Hard With A Vengence
I watched TV.
I thought of the scene in US Marshalls.
They all went to the grocery store.  They came home and watched TV,
Great Train Story on a Saturday afternoon
Rick Steves on a Saturday afternoon
Video and computer games 
until I go insane.
I thought of living in a new place.
Going to the grocery store, then coming home
and watching TV.
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