1. My teacher wrote a song called yellow Mass Turnpike to the tune of Yellow Submarine.  We all live in a  _____
a color and the name of a highway.
2. When the traffic makes the cars go so slow, those in their cars so far from home, all alone, not getting far, the time getting home, does grow, the train really, really, fast does go.  Island.  stand.
3. The number of the highway is 90.
4. Mass Pike starts in Boston, MA and goes  all the way west across the state to NY.  There, it connects w the NY State thruway.  It connects w Interstate 95 all the way down the east coast
Eisenhower was the President who created the Interstate Highway System 
5. There is a video that shows how it was made.  It is depressing how much nature they destroyed to do it.
The price of progress.
6. There is a Star Market over it.  I loved going there and looking at the cars below.  When you get your groceries, you pick them up elsewhere from a belt.  Interesting.
7. There is a hotel over it too.  I always imagined staying there and looking at the cars and trains below.  You cannot see the trains.
8. There is a big tunnel in Boston that goes under a lot of things.  Tracks next to it.  Interesting.
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