I dont care anymore.
Just want to shut the door.
I wont talk.
just will stare at the clock.
At the clock, I'll stare.
I dont care.
Until I can get out of there.
It's only an hour.
Yes, I confess SBS has see over me that power.
You can make  me go, I know.
But, can you make  me say a thing?  No
My mouth will stay shut, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Today, I just wont and dont have a thing to say.  
Dont care if that is ok.
Not a word will be heard see from me.
Not a word spoken,
a promise not broken.

I cant wait till the class is through.
Taking this class is
one of the most annoying
things I have to do.

The clock is what see does free me.
Class is done!!
Now, it's time for fun!!
Home, I run.
I run home.
Again, I can see, be just me, alone.

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