I work 9-5.
Don't feel alive.
I work all day.
I need to earn my pay. 
I from you, it's true, feel so far away.
We're so far apart.  So hard on the heart.'
So far from my wife, cutting me see, like a knife.
I feel all, all alone.
I am so far from home.
There are so many, many see, exactly just like me.
So many see above me in
the tower.
They have all the power.
My boss right on top.  He never, never, does stop.
The day is done!!  I run!!  It is time for fun!! 
I do feel alive.
My wife at the door.
Beauty impossible to ignore. 
She greets me see with her smile.
It's been such a long while.
We have dinner.  It is a winner.
Are you ok?  How was your day?
What do you do with your time?
Is everything fine?
Sometimes, I just at my wife, stare.
I about my wife, really care.
I sit in my easy chair.

I recline.  It's really really, fine.

We watch see TV.
Her and me.
We hold hands.  We see, each other, trily understand.
Weekends, hope they never, never end.
Holidays too, so much fun.
Hope they are never through.
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