I just want to scream.
I just want to shout.
Get it all out.
I just want to yell.
I need to again, feel well.
These feelings I can no longer ignore.
I can't ignore them anymore.
These feelings I cant hide.  
I can't keep them inside.
I need to find somebody in whom 


to confide.
I want to again feel well.
I want somebody to 
stop ringing the bell.
Does anybody, see, why is this happening to me?
Just want this to be done.
Stress and anxiety, see, are no fun.
What am I feeling?  
Someone, I need to tell, 
Then, I can again feel well.
I need to tell someone,
then, his will be done
There's so much on my mind.
No peace will I find.
These feelings dont cease.
These feelings do not  stop.
They just go pop, pop, pop.
Night after night,
they are never
out of sight.
They hold me tight.
Day after day. 
It is an attack on my back.
I feel it in my neck.
Hard to keep it in check.
This is not right.
I am going to lose 
this fight.
This is not a delight.
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