I should have known.
This has never, never, ever, left me alone.
It has never, never gone home.
Always calling me on the phone
This has been happening as I have grown.
You and others have been saying there are things I cant do
This has never, never, been through.
What everybody seems to love to do. 
You've with this, never, never, been done.
So, this must be fun.
It has been going on, my whole life long.
Still going, growing strong. 
Never do they think that this might be wrong,
cutting me like a knife.
Then, I have to prove you wrong.
Strong, and move along.
I would just like a chance.
A chance to try.
A chance to fly.
If it's true, something I can'r do.
That's ok.  That's alright.
I just want a chance. 
Sorry dont make it ok.
It dont make it alright.
Don't end the night.
Just because it's what you say.
No, it don't make it go away.
It takes a long time see,
for all to be fine with me.

It takes a long time to heal.

Until better I do feel.
A long night before the light.
A long night before the day.
Until all is ok.
Sorry don't make it just go away.
Do you see how much you hurt me?
A pain like a hurricane.
A pain like a midnight express freight train.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

There have been many times in my life that people said I could not do something.


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