She gets in your brain, and can drive you insane.
She fills your mind.  No peace will you find.  She never does cease.
She takes over your whole life, stabbing you like a butcher knife.
Cancer of the head.  She just loves to spread and spread and spread; not ending until you are dead. 
She gets into your heart, oh something she loves to start.
She would love to make it pop.  She's almost impossible to stop.
Her ultimate goal: destroy your soul.
She wont stop until you are done.
She doesnt stop until you're through.  That's what she loves to do.
She loves to be called honey, and will take all your money.
All your friends, see, will go.  They'll just say no.  Your family too, will be through.
You'll see, end up homeless and hungry.
You could end up in jail.  She wants you there without fail.
You'll try to stop.  You'll cry to stop.
You'll do anything to get her away.  She, like an unvited guest, loves to stay.
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