Perfection is pretend, my friend, 
It's illusion. 
Its a game that can never be done, a battle that can never be won.
It's a myth, you'll never get a whiff.
It's a fantasy, see.
it is make believe, it is not real.  Hope ok, do you still feel.
It's a dream. and I hope that does not make you scream.

You'll look here.  You'll look there.  Perfection is not anywhere.
You'll look all around.  Perfection cant be found.
You'll look high and low.  
You'll ask, perfection where did you go?
It does not exist on this planet yet, and never will,.
Climbing the hill you need to stop, there's no thrill at the top.
You don't have to be blind to see, perfection can never be.
Don't be blind, but perfection you can never find.
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