Here I sit in my airport chair.
All the people going by,
love to watch them with my eye.
At them, I love to stare.
See, its so fun for me.
They are short.  They are tall.
I love looking at them all.
Shapes and sizes, 
I see with my eyes.
Coming and going
Where are they going?  I am not knowing.
The river of the people.  The humanity sea,.
The river is flowing.  The river is growing.
See, just so interesting to me.
All the different faces.  All the different places.
The young and the old.  All over the world.
So many stories to be told.
The familes and friends.  It seems to never end.
The friends and families
The girls and the boys  with their toys.
They bring them joy.  
They hold them tight.  They deal with the fright, want all to be right.
Their bears, about them, they really care.
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