My Truth

brain vomit

I sit here to write about a time come to pass.

back to school and back to class.

Back to times where none was fair

and the bullies were everywhere.

Back to a time where all felt wrong

the days a haze and the nights frightfully long.

Stuck in my head

contimplaiting my own mortality instead of going to bed.

Dreams more lucid and real

than every day awake

is how it would feel.


Back to school and back to class

back to the fear of not going to pass.

Back to a time when it was better and worse

back when i didnt have to worry about my next meal or have a knife in her purse.

My love keeps me calm and keeps me sane

when the last guy would rather ignore me for some mindless video game.

He left me broken and hurt

guilt tripped me and left me to rot in the dirt.

Now im picking up the pieces and trying to find my peace

knowing with him lies a bit of my soul,

a lost puzzle piece.


Stronger and stronger i do grow

though shade i am not trying to throw.

Like the lorax i speak what is true

but not for trees and not for you.

I speak a truth that is true for me

the hurt i feel may be small to you, nothing but a sting of a bee

but to me it rings loud

and it cuts deep.

I am messed up for sure thats true

but of the person i have become and who i am

the only word that comes to thought is proud.

Proude of living another day

proud of the accomplishments i have made

proud that i am staying true to who i am

and living my truth as a bisexual trans man.

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bisexual trans man

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