PthirtysixP Whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater.




A whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater is the sewage processor to end the use of sump pumps and side bar containers septic tanks composters and compactors tomb like structures that must be dug by contractors and proper city codes. The items to be processed can include water waste however this is turned to steam and let escape by the processor. Waste water is not reused. However it seems some of you are trying to reuse the steam but listen it will not work the pressure will build up against the whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater and explode not killing anyone but ruining the landscaping in the yard and making a great giant hole in the yard about a half mail long the security features will not allow the blast to back up against the house but pass into and out of quickly the whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater in the direction indicated on the mode. There is not much more to it than that. The whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater has been sold only in Antville Antarctica until now it is being release to the knoen world. The indicator light is green. There is no red light when the indicator light is green the thing works when it is not lighted or off there is no indication of the problem. We placed an ad in Better Homes and Gardens. There is a picture there with the circles and arrows on the back of each one to explain what each one was. The whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater tube line is shown running from the yard out into the ground and on into the sea or Ocean floor depending where you live when you install. The whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater zapz the waste with cobalt force making the waste cubes look like small rocket shapes inside the tube line they move along the line with centrifugal force they pass out of the tube into the Ocean depths and there they limply lie until the end of time nothing further needed no addons expressed or implied nothing further ever to buy. The cobalt blue force acts against the brown colors of the waste substances and the finished products look like long fat silver bars in the shape of Gold bars but of a different color. The whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater is only 5p the pipe is 45p each section depending on where you live the thing can cost a lot of money we do not let anyone have the whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater without the pipe each item sold separately. No more leaky storage no more irradiated gardens with over size onions the whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater is installed to last forever longer than your house will. We are funded by the government of Ukranium. Go now to and log on with this operational code EZQ456333177780034674836748923983940092 do not copy and past this code it must be typed then refresh the code on the spy cam to make it different then send it to us with your credit limit. Then be prepared to pay us more than you are paying for your children’s educations. There is no handle crank or flush the box is simple just open the enter unfold the onesided mechanism pour the waste into the slot close the box and turn the green button on. The whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater does all the rest alone it stands the test of time your waste is on its way to the ocean floor or sea slime area near your area. Our Motto: No Septic Tanks in YourTown.  We are currently found Only on the World Wide Web. DO not bother looking near the bottom of the page there is no contact us. We are so certain of our product lasting you we only have a one way box to Post Office where we reap the payments due. Whirlyfritzerglomeratialsilverplater comes with a one lifetime only guarantee warranty by our only company we do not make the Bycicles or the ice cream too.

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you need a category for funny advertisements eye love to make these poems up

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