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There is groups classes waves of people marching back and forth to eateries and coffee shoppes they all have different bodies but each and every one of them all have the same face. What happened to the individual person so rare and individual they say one in a million they say a cracker jack a real go getter a gopher a rising star a seldom seen hiker making tracks hidden behind the sun. They track outline the boots with alkaline go back for water turn around lose the way find the narrow path toady they lost the race they fell by the wayside they left the human race behind the width of a hammer the length of a shadow the distance a crow flies. Eye have a wounded heart today will never be the same again the laughing and the love is paused as eye felt another’s pain of loss of love the lady not the one eye love but hers. People do not understand they live and love and learn and then they live and love and learn and then they live and love and learn. Separated by this lifetime and removed because of secrets she remains the hidden love in hearts the mother that eye hold so dearly weeps for daughter not seen clearly many times eye saw the face and did not even cry but today the eye is shedding layers of why. A searching in me not revealing answer of the question needed letting go of reason eye just pray and pray and go. How eye tried to influence her own future how eye pray to Jesus never letting go of faith eye cry not understanding why the face is frowning and eye cry not understanding that the face is frowning why. To keep from my depression penning on this crinkle paper helps me dry. Eye call to GOD to help me for eye neither understand the pain or why. Face please smile.

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her boyfriend said goodbye

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