The Church Parsonage on Church Street the old Methodist Church where eye used to go to church it Burned down.

My mother died a horrible murder death.

My brother died in a car wreck.

We used to fight each other though eye was elder he was bigger.

Eye was a weak and sickly child of GOD.

My Father died and eye do not knoe what of.

Eye was not always allowed to live at home.

My room was taken and the things in it like my toy box and the comics and the yearbooks were all destroyed.

Eye was given a hardship discharge from the ARMY.

My home at Morrilton was burned down by a natural gas line leak which then exploded. My family always hated me and wanted me to die alone. Eye stopped my consumptive habits and was in a real fight in Arizona only was beaten into Jesus and left to die half dead eye still try to live and love and write this is mye bio mye evidenced.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

rally a lot of angst

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