Fabel Twentyone


Fabel Twentyone

Fabel Twentyone

Considered Luck


The city was under snow encamped in ice and wet the water never ceased to fall for days at times we cried my friend and eye.

The poor were never satisfied with bread they always cried for meat to feed the lust replete now buried in the caverns if the sleet came near the hydras of the long forgotten faded flowers in the snow marking time to be considered luck. A Penny tossed when drinking drunk not stoned. A Penny lands in jail on tails and soon the food will come. Poor not poorly educated just missing love.

Christianity - 30+ CE

Christianity started out as a breakaway sect of Judaism nearly 2000 years ago. Jesus, the son of the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph, but conceived through the Holy Spirit, was born then. During his travels he was joined by twelve disciples who followed him in his journeys and learned from him. He performed many miracles during this time and related many of his teachings in the form of parables. Among his best known sayings are to "love thy neighbor" and "turn the other cheek." At one point he revealed that he was the Son of God sent to Earth to save humanity from our sins. This he did by being crucified on the cross for his teachings. He then rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples and told them to go forth and spread his message. In the multitude there is only individuals and so this reasoning is flawed there can be a great difference between the various forms of Christianity they may seem like different religions to some persons of note this poem is varied this poet is in love the woman of desire may decide to read this written note to see how much eye rally love her to understand my love.

Flipped a penny turned to tails changed the luck to better days moving down the road with no heavy loaded gun shooting only wishes at the stars. Eye have a solar powered outlook not on life but down my nose.

Girls at home still not in collage need to play with Barbie leave the Ken doll in the box. Alone. He is not the chieftain of the dolls. Fallow fish are useless days are wasted lost seaming calibrations find the reason for the rhymes.The science that deals with mental processes and behavior is sometimes revered as psychology the moderators quite agree the thought process is interrupted in some people call them crazxy treat them normal feed them house them bury them in wasted places sweep them up in boxes marked for burial let no one get away. Murder rules the day.

Play games and get mad take the ball and bat back home save them for the next day come. Dress up in your finery hose smelling like a rose in purple jaded livery repose upon the couch in linen and in majesty her majesty arose. Toss a penny β€œis it tails?” read the poem prose the CharlaX Fabel Twentyone and love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

religion is love and how we love others is just part of JESUS

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