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Christian Wine

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Most men reiterate the infirmities of flesh the scars so proud to show so scary but so worthwhile like Tom Sawyers Toe. The boys eye meet on the street hold up they shirts and say look so neat the knife came all the way across and then they brag so braggart the facts and get another illegal drink for most of them use the alley they are too young to sit the bar stool anyway. The seldom used door long locked against the thief they lean upon each other's arm in misery for one so young to fall prey to john barely corn.

The eye used to drink it down convinced it was the best thing in town and let me tell you all it was hard to put it down but the punch line of my story is the sobriety. Jesus saves in different ways each person is not the same. He never changes but the person changes to fit the mold of HIS direction. The soups cold and the meat is not too hot and the butter never melts but eye am so happy not to drink. The wet rain falls upon my brow and makes me frown but somehow the son always shines for me as well and love is just around.

The edges of my mind are filled with happiness her name is love she is ewe my loneliness is gone my loveliness has come.

Rules for English words stop me from making rhymes and so the words come out so strang and yet she thinks she loves she moves the mountains between us and GOD is in my heart and love is also there from her to make me live just until it is time to die and leave her to carry on in Heaven to build a place to stay a picnic ready to be eaten in the grass of Heaven just inside the doorway.

There were many people stories in my bible to read there was a Nazarene who never cut his hair it is said they never drink wine?

He is drinking wine in Heaven with his JESUS now.

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a certain stYle of Fable is a CharlaX Fabel

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