Ignorance is Bliss

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People argue they agree among themselves on stupidity to be the ruler of them all it was so laughable not even rude at all just stupid and appalled. To the purists among mye readers this is written in the winter not the fall the words do tremble at the writer's test the writers want. Ignorance is bliss. Listen gentle reader to this twist.

A man was near me on the bus a largesse man with a WINTER hat and GLOVES upon his head now wait please stop of course eye meant the hat was on his head the gloves were somewhere else. The joggers went near the bus the bus was honking at a car they moved in tandem to the music each one was listening to something different eye suppose. They went to JOG upon the road. As these people moved on past the man was heard to say “it is way too early in the day for joggers in the way”. The women near to me they numbered three they all began to say and to agree among themselves the joggers are out there in the dark. Now here is where the ignorance does come. Eye began to speak and so of course they then had to disagree with the mee. Eye began to say a profound thing “it is way too cold for them to be jogging like that”. “Oh no” they said, as if eye was a monster as if they had it planned “there is no cold the cold does not exist we meant its dark the dark had hold of them and they should not be jogging in the dark like this but cold oh no it's not too cold” they all pitched in and left me thinking that the eye was in the Twilight Zone again. “Of course it's cold” eye tried again but they were sure they had me now and to a person they each one piped up loud It is only the dark is all we meant and not the cold at all?” Eye tried again this time surely they will agree with this old man “ Yes it is cold out there there is no one wearing shorts yet in this January day?” And then eye left my seat and moved for eye was in the way of ignorance and bliss for they ignored me anyway for eye was reason in the face of added nuisance as the gaggle kept the play. Eye kept silence in the back of the bus all to myself the wounded pride intact so sure that eye was right about the cold.

But the best thing of all eye could no longer hear them getting old.

Eye just sat down to PEN this on my three  million dollar free computer and eye removed a jacket and three hats and gloves can you guess mye gentle reader where eye was wearing them.

YES upon the bus.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a fabel in my sieries of fables

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