COCcopywrited poem

COCcopywrited poem

COCcopywrited poem

Eye became a successful writer a poet of some small renown and one day eye found my FLOWERS FADE in a bookstore in a town called Indianapolis where  to my surprise and to my dismay it was copy word for word and the  name was so familiar eye just had to take a look  yes the copywrite was there in letters so very small but the name was pasted over it was JACKSON Small, a man in INDIANA, a corn fed cradle robber, a man with a bandana, a highwayman and thief eye soon felt no relief at what eye seen was done for he had taken all my poem and remade it into one of his very own.

The odds eye cried out loud the odds of finding this?

44 to one a million in the sun. A long way from my home to visit a dead stone a marker in the cemetery someone reputed to be mine. There was a marker stating CHARLAX died in 1942 the INDIANA pilgrimage begun with now ended there and then the cemetery faded from my mind like so much cream corn and eye began to hurry to the exit of the bookstore to find a phone and then to call it in on 911 my poem had been robbed.

The doctors in the hospital still treat me nice they laugh when eye mention the poem that was taken by Mister Small, a JACKSON yes they said we KNOE of Small he is a charlatan and thief just have another round of coffees and take those pills and get some sleep.

Flowers Fade away most every day why did you think that poem was for ewe she is so smart she sees threw yew and she will knoe that yew aer dying without snow in 1942.

The draft for World War Two had not been instituted when yew died of the bird flew.

The time travel machine is now supercharged and ready

Get the CHARLAX into the belly of this beast and send him off.

His flowers faded so very long ago it's really for the best his father never born at all.

His only claim to history was SMALL. A Jackson came and took his poem for his very own and got the credit and the copywrited debit to it all.

It soon wont matter to this CHARLAX not at all.

GRAB him boys and shove him inside this devil machine…

And thank GOD that is when eye just now woke up!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a pome of fantasy

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