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Marking time in pencil life is not a pair of pants or shirts worn out on elbows when the chance comes to dance under the shorter rung of limbo peculiar to the nocturne creature eye become the dancer arms all askimbo as eye move to different tunes and related to the undercovered moon.

Rules in life have been ignored by everyone runes in place of names nammes in place of given numbers life is replaced in the millennium with waste an identification process my hair was never brown my hair has always been so black but still they got it wrong and tagged me with a bogus wrong a crime for which eye do not wish to pay it was not me that day but hair was brown the boy was taller than the mee eye frown in concentrated glee as eye remember when they opened up the dungeon and had to set mee free the Pepsi machined colas were just diet the security guard pointed

Pistol loomed so ugly in my rain. They were making a Play at the Convention OUTDOOR center the JESUS one for Easter.

Spam is spam when we spam a message in our email the provider thinks the spam is the spammer is the sender. The message is the same. Careful of the spammers recording them is costly licenses revoked eggs fried next to bacons smoked. Coffee was not so given out as free no one lets the bum have all he wants the pot would soon be gone the grounds can be refreshed and used again when no one’s looking add the egg to spam. When famous people are alive no one thinks to keep the articles they write no one covets signatures no one places envelopes on ice. Keep the Charlax missives Keep the spam so nice keep the kisses. Make the profile changes last forever make the promises come true just like in the movies just like profiled viewed.

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just a silly poem

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