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We would metaphorically beat our head against this lieberry wall in dashed hopes of grandeur making suggesstions to the suggesstion boxes.

Suggesstion One: Please stop allowing cell phones in the commons?

Reason One: when everyone is talking it sounds just like a beehive buzzing.

Reason Two: They think it's a excuse to chatter on them all day long.

Reason Three: It is just very plain RUDE.

Suggesstion Two: Iff the public is allowed and the students have the priority then make a public area with free computors where the students are not allowed at all OR?

Reason One: Where the Public has the priority and the students must leave iff we are busy.  

Reason Two: OR make an area of computer banks for PRINTING only because many of the STUDENTS just WANT to print something and leave.

Suggesstion Three: Make a Central Computor available only to the Charlax where eye can rest easier and not worry about that Student thing priority?

Reason One: Eye am a poet.

Suggesstion Four: Smoking area computors for the gamers so they do not have to smoke outside at all with little fans to blow the smoke away from them and out the little vents inside the wall?

Reason One: They run back and forth to the smoking area and leave the games running on the computors.

Suggesstion Five: Drinking area computors for the partee users?

Reason One: Eye have seen it all one man grabs a bottle from his bag and takes a pull like a winoe Joe.

Reason Two: They fill oranges with syringes and eat them to get drunk. Its unsafe they should have a place to set and drink the Vodka.

Reason Three: They put the beer in the Pepsi cans anyway.

Suggesstion Six: More ETerminals for EMAIL only?

Reason One: The ones you have are fine but there could be even more on the Fourth floor.

Suggesstion Seven: More Student only areas another complete building just like this one an STUDENT ONLY IMFORMATION COMMONS to take about 400 people at a time to ease the ever present overcrowding in this one?

Reason One: People of every nation color and creed come to a university to make the poem bleed.

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