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when a facebook ad asks you to attend or not attend or a mabe attend and you do not like that ad and then you hit will NOT attend they send the ad back later on your home page with a simple ask like or dont like iff you hit the like underneathe the ad forgetting now what the ad was about it sends back the original is now there again on home page asking you to attend or not attend that is the question the smallest gesture makes the mouse pad faint so ewe go and make a comment on a thread then see that thread a little later on the home page you notice quickly that your comment is not there it is just the news feed feeding it to you look back a little later and the comment will appear it is not magic or majic or mahic or malic (e). Aforethought. friends make comments and we try to make them belligerant enought to get them back in a time lee manor. there is lots of reasons there is overlying truth that makes people seem to be ignoring ewe today it may be that they are busily at home it may be that they simply dont have time to waste on reading trash talking poets in the thread it was sent it was in the inbox it was there in the chat box omg omg its no one there on facebook

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poem seven in this series

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