When love is right, 

It beckons to you like you are a lost ship

And it's the lighthouse shining bright. 

A love that you can is true knows not time or sorrows

It knows not death or goodbye, 

It  reaches out through the uncertain tomorrows. 

It's a ray of sun burning through the clouds and rain. 

It's the beating of two hearts as one. 

It's feeling each other's joy

While easing fears and pain. 

It's knowing that with you joy is meant to be. 

It's knowing you accept my imperfections 

It's knowing we may not always agree. 

Love is not always seeing eye to eye, 

But Love is respectfulness and love is kind. 

Love never makes you cry. 

So today I stand before you to vow my heart. 

For when I was lost you beckoned to me in the night, 

You have taught me how to smile and how to trust that God has dreams for me

The pure and heavenly glow of loves first light. 

It is yours to do as you please

As long as only death will do us part. 

I vow you my soul

I promise to stand beside youas your loving wife

Even as the years take their toll. 

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