Child of Death

Laying quiet in still, the bundle you hold,
creeping shades of gray growing so cold

Born to the world but finding only end,
weakness of the frail lifted by a wind

Forever in sleep, only angels know why;
passed over to Heaven on a lullaby

Cradled to breast and tended by heart,
tears eternal,’ without cease to the start

Held in your arms a loss of joyful bliss,
unspoken love given from softest kiss

Drawn breath of life faded to night,
to darkness succumbed a whispered light

All dreams forsaken to death’s shuttered eyes
unheard are the sobs as your mother cries

Come earthly days this child may never see,
but waiting is the kingdom of God’s decree

© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lost in the silence.

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