Timless View

Along each road linger past’s remnants,
reminders of things that used to be
Some forsaken upon trodden journeys,
others embraced as a cherished memory

Relived today and saved for tomorrow,
secret places reside beyond searching eyes
Glancing into portal's murals in time,
entrancing events exist without goodbyes

On draping backdrops of picturesque scenes,
faces emerge unchanged by passing years
Children grown old are once again young,
an ageless world magically appears

Soft laughter erupts somewhere in the distance;
a slow count ends with the hidden being sought
Those not found are willingly beckoned home;
all become captured within the realm of thought

In minds opened doors images wait to be viewed,
entrance is granted to those willing to knock
Crossing the threshold an adventure begins,
All untouched by sweeping hands of a clock

© C.E. Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a thought.

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