Whimsical Child

With rosy cheeks and a whimsical smile
merriment’s child assumes a pixy’s wile
Donning ribbons and bows of silken gold
in promenade she sings a joyous ode

A spinning carousel complete with ponytails
long tresses flowing in the whirlwind’s gales
Adorned in frilly clothes from head to toes
decked jewels of sparkled spangle glows

In trimmings suited for a royal queen
brightest gem steals each moment’s scene
Around about in her magical light
room glistens with the enchanting sight

With skip to my lou and giggled shoo fly shoo
like flies in the buttermilk she flies away too
Far and wide to where innocence dwells
the heart of a child casts its whimsical spells

© C.E. Vance


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