King Midas

How do you feel

When your greed grows so much that you never have to steal

do you feel great with your riches so vast and plenty

or do you feel regret living in your golden castle so sad and empty

In a moment of bliss, you made a wish on a shooting star

King Midas your touch and the kiss of death are on par

Greed, Jealousy, and Lust were the reason that your soul was sold

How do you feel when everything you touch turns to gold

The heart of man is weak

but the heart of Midas is worth much more than we speak

When all that you have has withered and turned old

Would you still care when your heart's turned to gold?

Now tell me brethren how do speak to a man who never dies what he's told

How can you reason with a man who turns everything he touches to gold


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Okay only 2 major influences. Obviously greek mythology which i find to be really awesome and the new imagine dragons track "gold" 

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