We were once an item

We were younger then still in high school

now we're college kids grown up no longer fools

we've outgrown our childish tendencies

but no matter how hard i try i cant outgrow you

we live continents apart

not to sound like a sapppy  kid but you're still in my heart

I'm jealous cuz i know that im in your past

I'm jealous cuz i cant let you go so fast

I'm  jealous cuz i know i gotta do what's right

I said we've grown up so as i clear my sight

I place your happiness first so even if it may cuz me internal strife

I'm jealous cuz i gotta leave u be and get on with my life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my first serious post in awhile. once more spur of the moment write. no personal attachements. just felt some might feel this way

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