Be Prepared

So many chances. So many missed oppurtunities

So many bad glances. The rage is risen within me

I'm the ever calm guy , or at least i was

I'm not trying to trick you, you should be scared

My ambition has flared

My uncertainty has cleared

So be prepared


Sucess is my dream

But I've been lacadasical or so it would seem

Dreams hardly ever become reality

But cant you see. My zeal is manifesting all around me

My priorities were murked up

Thought on the social ladder i could work my way up

That being the top of the food chain was what i should be hell bent on

thats just a fake sense of accomplishment

Be warned

But im perfectly content on being a succesful nerd

Dont try and trip me uop while you lag behind with the herd

My ambition and fangs are bared



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