Moving On from Douchebags Part 1 (Love Drunk)

Saying that i used to love you would be true

i adored you

you were perfect and i be just like you and do everything you do

eventually adoration transitioned into love

i wanted to be with you but my shyness was a problem i couldnt solve

i eventually tried to pack up my courage as it would seem

i wish i could have slapped myself and woken up from that dream

as i confessed my true feelings i couldnt but laugh at myself

the nerd asking out the head of the girl that only dates the head of the football team

but you smiled at me and you didnt say no

we started out as freinds and then study buddies. in my mind i was just like woah

but in retrospect  a better word to use would have been woe

after a couple of weeks a freind who i had ignored because of you

showed me the real you , the true you and it would forever be too soon

i was actually your very own pratical joke

i was a puppet that you wanted to manipulate until i broke

you never reaaly cared for me. you did it to impress your freinds

how to get a loser to do all your work till the term ends

i should have been bitter and i should have  been vengeful

but i just did what i thought best and forgot all about you

fastforward a couple of months later.

the joke has done a 360

because ive never been happier and ive never been greater

and once in a while i see atext or missed call from you saying we need to talk

but there was never a we so i geuss i'll talk to you later.

I geuss i used to be love drunk

thought that you were the one that  id love forever

but forever is over and now im sober.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

thanks to diana for giving me this concept, i literally had no idea what to post until she told me. this series is a mirror to my 'confessions of a drunken douchebag series' which is curremtly on hiatus. i reaaly rushed writing this so it may nit be as good as the others , been real busy

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