Tragedy Bound

Tragedy bound

Her eyes are bleak

im starting to fear there's nothing she seeks

im starting to feel that she doesnt feel

Can anybody help her?

Tragedy bound

her morale is dead

ever since the day that she met fred

10 years older and forced to undress

made a wound that could never be dressed

Can anybody help her?

Tragedy bound

her parents were killed

and it wasnt even by someone who's skilled

a tennager on the run 

sadly he was armed with a gun

took her parents life just to slow the cops

when will all these senselessness just cease and stop

Can anybody help her?

Tragedy Bound

she hated the world and everyone in

her soul was an empty hole for any one looking in

still everything has a season

and everything has a reason

she looked up to God and started beliving

Her life has turned

Her life has changed

with a  nice house,husband and two kids

she aint complaning

she has ajob, earns a lot

a little hard to belive she almost stabbed herself in a parking lot

now all sadness are memories

she tells her tale to suicidal girls and says

if you ever feel it needs to end please remember me

and all her pain is just a tragedy bound story

right now sh doesnt need anyone to help her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

taking a little hiatus of my confession series.  feel free to comment.

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