happy bday matts

She's a saint thats always quick to forgive
she's not dumb and it isn't everything she hears tha she'll believe
like how I'm awesome 
she doesn't even want to admit that I'm incredibly handsome
but still she's someone that thinks thats there is good on everyone
she's nice and cool. i don't think there is any argument against her i ever won
she's weird like me which is something I'm really happy about
anime magna cartoons she disapproves of my vendetta against fish especially trout
today she turns 17 I'm older than her with a whole year
while i tease her bout it a LOT
she knows thats my roundabout way of saying i care
she's 17 but in maturity ad overall coolness she's older than me a lot
come to think of it she's probably the most one of the most awesome ppl iknow
ill neve tell her that but if she finds out. of course ill deny every word 
she makes me do things a lazy kid like me won't try . she helps me grow
for meeting her i have one person to thank God
Happy bday matts have fun. woohoo
but remember I'm still older than U :p
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