Being of the Shadows

My shadow is my only friend

So I have become a being of the shadows

A creature of the dark

Nocturnal altogether

I have made my home in hell

Gehanna has become my resting place

The halo is burned

The wings are charred

No light of heaven shines this far

I am not the angel I used to be

No light of hope shines from me

Cast out of heavens light

And armed with Hell’s might

This is the fate of those cast out

Those forgotten

Those that must wonder through life alone

Darkness is our home

You can’t blame the exiled

For becoming the reviled

There is no other fate

The loneliness breeds only hate

The isolation gives birth to envy

Seeing others so happily in the light

You think to yourself “why not me?”

So your inner demons draw their might

And let you know

That you don’t belong in the light



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"When angels are forced out of heaven, they become devils."   That quote sums the poem up pretty well I think...leave comments if you like what you read or if you don't like it either way feedback is welcome.

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