Becoming Phoenix

Becoming Phoenix

I don’t care if you burn me

After all life is full of flames

Burn me down to the ground

In ashes my strength is found

I have suffered heartache

Depression, disappointment

More of that won’t hurt me

What will hurt is a life that has an absence

Of that thing called happiness

And as of now I am happy being drawn into your flame

Flying high toward the sun

To me it sounds like fun

The wings will burn

I ll hit the ground

But I will get up as being that is unbound

No longer bound by fear

No longer tormented by mistakes

No longer afraid of heartache

I ll live to die again

I am immortal burning and rising

From the flames I am the phoenix

I have learned the trick

I don’t mind the pain

Because in the end my soul remains

living forevermore

my strength comes from flames

once more



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