To the Girl I Dream About

To the Girl I Dream About

You are the most beautiful girl I know

I want to be with you more than you know

Those eyes of yours hide a soul unbound

Full of love, boldness and courage

There is no one else like you that I have found

No friend, lover or person quite like you

You don’t know because we’re just friends

But for you I would put my search to an end

These walls I have built

Have built within them a door

Just for you

You have the key

You can come in and do as you please

If you were to rip my heart out

Break it into a million pieces

Leave me in the most agonizing pain

Leave me in the deepest hell

I would still be happy that it was for you that I fell

You approached me for physical needs

Though that was never seen through

At that moment I wanted you to know

That I had come to want more from you

For fear of pushing you further away

I have kept these words hidden away

I hope the day will come

When you will know

Just what you mean to me

When you will find out

 Why being with you is what I dream about

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She'll never know...I hope you enjoy the words that were born from my heart's yearning. Feedback is appreciated as always.

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