Art’s Making


Strum that guitar one more time

Keep having a good time

Sing those words of life to me

And we’ll do our best to keep the beat

Get out on the dance floor

Move your ass

Til it can’t move no more

Drink and sing of the good times

And enjoy the beauty of the song’s rhymes

In the dark in the pain

In our soul’s sweet disdain

Words of beauty form again

Tell of the pain that’s within

On a canvas oh so bight

Color the feelings

Of the soul’s flight

Upon into the sky we

 defy the gravity

Of the world’s reality

It’s the beauty it’s the chaos

Found in each one of us

Its art simple and plain

Its expression of our domain

It is power it is weakness

That is ours to confess

In the hour of the soul’s breaking

In the hour of our soul’s making

That’s the hour of art’s making




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