To the One I Miss

Don’t know what you ve got til its gone
Cliché as it may be
Its been true all along
Didn’t realize the reality
Of what you meant to me
Til you were gone
This isn’t supposed to be a love poem
Cuz I know I will never be
Where you are goin
But the feelings for you
Did not leave when you did
Up until now I ve kept them hid
I wonder now if that was wise
I wonder what strange look
It would have brought to your eyes
But it doesn’t matter I know
Because you cannot feel the same
I know you will always love others
And your heart I cannot obtain
But still I suppose
I ve been made helpless
By the beauty that your soul holds
I have not had a friend like you
Who is genuine and always true
But is always lots of fun as well
Being around you made me
Feel better about myself
Perhaps because you saw
More in me than what most can tell
Anyways I miss you and always will
And will always wish that you were here
You were my best friend
Though you probably didn’t know it
And I wished for more
But I did not show it
Because I know that it could never be
And the dream is not meant to be reality
But at the very least I just wish you knew
Just what you meant to me
I truly envy whoever will have you
And hope you will always value yourself so very highly
Because you give to the world a new form of beauty

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...well i ll probably never ask her to read it so you get to hope you enjoy it

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