My Reflection

My thoughts ever flowing
Leads me to the place that I fear most
The place where I see myself
The reflection that spoke
Saying you will never ever
Obtain your desire
You will never be able to quench your desire
Accept the hell that is your life
The destiny of those
Destined to be alone
You only have me your enemy
And your hated
Forever you will live your life
As an angel that is jaded
The destiny is inescapable
And your fate is set
Happiness is something
That this life cannot beget
Try as I may I cannot smash the mirror
Its been fashioned of shards
Of my broken heart
Souvenirs of my soul’s horror
Nothing will silence the reflection
Perhaps because it is truth
It is truer than the lie
That came from you
Those three words
I love you
I run from them
But they haunt me everyday
Reminding me that
True love is but a fantasy
The reality is according to
The words of the reflection
Seen in the mirror
Of a heart that has been broken
By your deception

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...the reflection never stops speaking

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