Erase the Fear

Fear of being alone
Fear of being hurt
They abide in the same soul
One opposing the other
One to keep all out
One to let all in
A cruel paradox that brings
About all sorts of madness
How to deal with such animosity
Such debate and conflict of the heart?
What to do?
When the thing that pains you
Is the thing that fulfills you?
When that which is foolish
Is the highest form of wisdom to you?
To not care is freedom from feeling
Good and bad alike
To care is to experience every feeling
Good and bad alike
What to do?
When what keeps you alive
Is what kills you?
Fear of being alone
Fear of being hurt by others
They exist in the same soul
Maturity is accomplished
In erasing the fear
Fear of loneliness
Fear of pain
No matter which one comes
Preservation of self is key
Erase the fear
And be brave enough
To be true to yourself
No matter what that means

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the only thing to fear is loosing yourself, who you the end it is all you have

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