Death to Superman

You’re supposed to be dead
Why are you still alive?
Why are you still here?
I witnessed you being murdered so viciously
Yet I feel your heartbeat growing near me
It’s because you saw her pain isn’t it?
Damnit why won’t you die?
So I can be done giving a shit
I m tired of caring so much
Giving knowing I’ll get nothing back
Damnit go back to sleep
I don’t wanna deal with things like that
I don’t want your empathy
Reaching out to her
You find so much happiness in it
But it’ll end with both of us hurt
You wanna save her from her fall
Wanna be her superman
But what happens when she’s not in pain
When she’s found another man?
Our heart will be ripped through again
I m sure you don’t give a damn and you don’t even care
You’ll just die again
But I’ll have the broken heart bleeding everywhere
I m tired of that experience
Didn’t you hear me scream last time,
“Never again!” “Never again!”
I don’t want to feel that crippling pain
It don’t want to experience that hell again
I’d rather see you dead
So die already you godamned superman
I don’t want that pain anymore
That’s not what I had planned

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a monologue to my inner self because i love when i don't want to

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