Stuck in my mind
Is the memory of my mistake
That I just can’t leave behind
It made some sense when I did it
But now I wish someone
Would have just killed me before I did it
Now it’s too late
Now she’s gone
Now I ve descended upon
A new level of hell
I can’t stop hating myself
Can’t run away from the loneliness
Can’t erase the pain that came from my fall
The wound won’t stop bleeding
Because now I know I am the one
She won’t need
But I need her
What happens when the needy aren’t needed?
What happens when the souls will is depleted?
What happens when your world is plagued in darkness
And you can’t escape the emptiness
That is your soul?
I have myself to blame
Lust is what drove my aim
But now I realize that
I should have had a different endgame
But what good is this realization this late
What good is the key without the gate?
What good is love when all you feel is self hate?
The loneliness has never been so heavy before
It just grows more and more
I cannot forgive myself
I had the opportunity to
Have someone who might actually help
I messed that up
Now it feels like
I might as well give up
Now my soul is being ground into dust
All because I made a mistake
That I can’t erase

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