Part of Me

Rope around her neck and blood on my hands

Blaming myself again so its blood on my hands

If I was there it might not have been this way

If I was there she might be here today

I wasn’t a friend and she needed a friend

She gave herself to an early end

Was it me who could have stopped this tragedy?

Was it me who could have met that part of me?

The part of me who wants to stop tragedy

Locked my heart up and threw away the key

Now she’s gone like that part of me

Maybe I could’ve stopped her from taking that step

Maybe I could’ve kept her from meeting her  own death

I’ll never know what could have been

I’ll never know what would have happened

If I would have just shown myself

Brought out that part of me

Now she will never be

And it might have been stopped

If I kept that part of me

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