After The Fall-(Now What?)


Okay, I'm down here,

    drifted to the lowness of ground,

reaching out for a stronghold

on something,


that can maybe pull me back upwards.


But as of yet,

through teary eyed glances

   and the shadows of pain,

I view nothing on my horizon.

Nothing that looks promising

at this point.

Besides, I had my fleeting moment

and at present,

   it is gone.


So now what?

   The fall came

and like those that fall

in these autumn's of discontent,

I lie here, crinkled, emotionally dried up

   and useless now.


Yeah, I once hung in there,

   vibrant, alive,

getting my sustinance through

the strength of my tree of life,

   but now I have been discarded,

my usefullness completed in seasons of passing

  and now I just litter the lawn.

A nusance burdon that needs to be raked along

into a pile of other useless foliage.


I'm of no good to anyone

  in this depleted state.

I have not even the desire

to allow a breeze to carry me off.

   Quite content am I,

to lie here and disintegrate into

a composted and decaying form.


Maybe then,

   I'll at least be of some use.

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