Because I Gave It Up To Him!



There's no more weight, upon my shoulders,
This longer grim.
My worried mind rests easy now,
Because I gave it up to Him!


It pulled me down and held me back-
I thought it had me beat,
Until the moment I let it go...
And lay it at His feet.


My heart, it was much lighter,
My soul was new and clean.
I put my Faith in what I feel,
And let Him intervene.


Now when I look, unto the future,
I see in a different light.
Because I gave it up to Him,
Heaven in now in my sight.


It wasn't all that hard to do,
In fact, I did it with repose.
I knew that it was long past time,
To walk this path I've chose.


Now I walk it not alone,
But with Jesus at my side.
Because I gave it up to Him,
He is now, my lifelong guide.


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