Conversation With Jesus


I'm bent on self destruction.

(Is it really that bad?)

I'm drowing myself in pity.

(No one else would care?)

What's left to live for?

(What's worth dying over?)

There's only one way out.

(Which direction to go?)

I feel so all alone!

(Surrounded by loved ones?)

Will they miss me when I am gone?

(Won't you miss them?)

I have no other choice!

(The choice is yours to make.)

But what about my pain?

(Do you think they won't hurt?)

All's lost anyway.

(Have you even tried to find it?)

I wouldn't know where to start.

(At the beginning.)

But what if I get lost again?

(I'll be right there.)

Why? Why should you care about me?

(Because I died for you.)

For me?

(Yes. And everytime you hurt, I hurt.)

But why?

(Because I love you.)

Will you guide me?

(I already am....)

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