Unheard Cries

Soul Poetry

Such desolate tones-

a sorrowful song,

Fill her tender soul,

for so very long.

Emitting a wail,

she falls to her knees.

But alas, no one notices,

her pitiful pleas.

So she gathers herself,

for yet another day.

Where pain and agony,

seem to always stay.

Stength's hard to come by,

when feeling all's lost.

Each wayward movement,

comes with such high cost.

Alone she feels,

without understanding.

For disease and pain-

are her life's own branding.

Do they not listen?

Or do they choose not to hear?

As every single weeping,

falls upon a deaf ear.

It seems so desparing,

No matter how much she tries.

For no one ever responds,

to all her unheard cries.

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