Christmas Mourning

Grief & Grieving

The air is filled with such happy sounds,

Always present, this time of year.

But Christmas, right now, is harder,

Since you are no longer here.

Its not easy 'making merry',

When your heart, is still in grief.

There's still the pain of missing you,

All the sorrow, and disbelief.

I can't just put, myself in wrappings,

To cover up, my now aching heart.

Maybe next Christmas, it'll be easier,

But not now, because we're apart.

I tried to sing some Christmas Carols,

To pull myself out, from this despair.

But the songs just sounded empty to me,

So instead, I said a prayer.

I prayed to God In Heaven,

To give you my Christmas Gift,

To tell you how I'm missing you,

And of the love to you, I uplift.

I prayed that He would let you know,

All that you, so dearly meant to me.

I asked Him to wrap, it up in clouds,

And place it under, Heaven's Tree.

I prayed to Him, on bended knee,

To bring me, on Christmas, some relief.

To heal my broken soul, to whole again,

To help me get past this, consuming grief.

Then I felt a bit lighter-of-heart,

And as I stood up and looked around,

I realized there were, no decorations,

Nor any cheerful Holiday sounds.

Then, it hit me, somewhat hard,

That maybe, I'd done your memory wrong.

For Christmas Time, was always your favorite,

Oh, how you loved the lights and songs.

Then with a renewal, of the Season's spirit,

I felt suddenly lighter of heart, of mind.

Determined to celebrate, as you'd want me too,

All the decorations, I went off to find.

I decked the halls, the walls and doors,

I trimmed a hearty, green tree of Spruce.

I shopped for presents for everyone-

I even ordered a Christmas Goose.

For I felt its what, you'd want me to do,

To go on here, in the living.

To remember the Reason of Christmas,

And to bask in the joy of giving.

Now, all my Holiday tasks are done,

And I know you're still here, in memories.

My Christmas Mourning, still lingers some,

But its now on a wisp, of winter's breeze.

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