Slinky and sleek,

she moves with grace.

This independant feline,

loves to give chase.

She lives for the hunt,

when she spots a mouse.

Her eyes get a sparkle,

and she's ready to pounce!

She toys with him first,

just to break his will.

Then comes the moment,

She goes in for the kill.

She grins with mischief,

and starts to purrrrrr.

Her blood begins to boil,

and raises her fur.

She bats him with her paw,

how this cat loves to play.

So she'll let him live,

for another day.

She gives a meow,

and stalks away proud.

The mouse he just watches,

and whistles out loud.

He should be afraid,

but he knows he is smitten.

How he loves to be pursued,

by this feisty kitten!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 05/08/01

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