Too Fragile A State

Soul Poetry

Touch me gentle,

with words meant for soothing,

for fear I'm too near a breaking point.

Like glass, finely cut of delicate crystal,

yet absent, the toughness of diamond,

so easily may I shatter here.

Shards of me, would cut to the quick,

those who tread upon my remaining

and jagged bits of what I once was.

There are valid cracks, present now,

and any amount of pressure,

could mean such fragmenting, such destruction.

I am fractured, in the weakest places,

and destined to crumble,

should they handle me still, with such carelessness.

Ahh, but too late, came a healing bonding,

and now I have downward crashed-

Mere slivers of what use to be.

I cannot be saved, nor fixed,

for I am broken too long, irreparable,

and missing too many crucial pieces.

My world came tinkling down,

in showering bits of lost and last hopes,

that imbeded deep within' my spirit.

I'm drained of life now-

the blood of my existance has dried and caked

upon the broken mirror of my soul.

So sweep my splintered remains, into rubbish piles,

alongside those who have shattered,

those who have wrecked...before me.

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