Nowhere Roads

Soul Poetry

I've traversed them now for many years,

'wrong way' 'one way' 'do not enter'

and all have led me to this deadened end.

My soul lies pothole blistered,

weathered and tread-worn

and much too over-taxed to be repaired.

I find no direction in which to turn

that doesn't lead me out of the maze

and onto the path of my righteousness.

All corners intersect at dead-man's curve

and I'm left to bear them alone

without a guiding light to divert my trail.

I can't go onward with no direction

and I can't go backwards

with failing heartbreaks and no reversal of my time.

So I am left cruising these bruised highways,

left alone on each of my byways

and forever traveling north, upon these nowhere roads.

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