Loosing Time

On Life and Living

We waste so many moments,

each and every day.

By not taking the chance,

to tell others what we need to say.

From the second we are born,

we all begin loosing time.

The hours tick away,

as the past is left behind.

We have many opportunities,

to voice what needs to be said.

But all to often, we speak silence,

and the words remain in our heads.

There's so much that needs doing,

to set our lives in order.

We're running against the hourglass,

on the timeline that we boarder.

But life moves way to fast,

so we need to slow its pace.

And do and say all we need to,

before we depart from this place.

Then when we are finished here,

and all our days are through.

We can move on to our next destination,

and start our time anew.

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